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1. What are the System Requirements?

We are offering SMMS on the cloud, this means that you don't have to worry about procuring/maintaining a server for hosting SMMS in office. Just tell us the number of vessels in your fleet, the number of users in office, and we will get you up and running in no time. 
All your users in office will be able to access SMMS over the internet. Users will also be able to access SMMS globally.

For vessels, SMMS will be hosted on board. You will find details in this article below. Also, if you would still like to host SMMS in office on premises, look at the details below.

SMMS can be run on a standalone machine or on a network of computers, using the client server configuration. SMMS can even be hosted in a VM environment. Setup is easy and we are here to help you at every step. View detailed lists of these requirements using the links below:

SMMS Enterprise
SMMS Standard

2. What happens to my existing data?

We at Vertex, understand the importance of maintaining PMS data. We have refined and easy methods to transfer data from any existing PMS system into SMMS, ensuring no loss of data. We have helped numerous clients in successfully migrating data from previous PMS systems.

3. What if I have no existing PMS data? or if my data is on paper?

We have a team of experienced Masters and Engineers available for this. We can create generic and ship specific databases according to your requirements.

4. What are the differences between SMMS Standard and Enterprise?

Please click here
for a list of differences.

5. Which languages does SMMS support?

SMMS supports all languages which have ANSI Code 1252.

6. What kind of licenses do you supply?

SMMS is available as a monthly/yearly subscription. You can also purchase a lifetime license for SMMS for a one time fee. Get in touch with us for details.

7. Is the license transferrable to another vessel?

Unfortunately, licenses are not transferable.

8. Are there seperate licenses for different modules provided?

There is no module specific licensing for the Standard version of SMMS. However for SMMS Enterprise, module based licensing exists. This makes SMMS more customizable.

9. Is SMMS compatible with windows XP ?

SMMS is currently supported on windows XP. However, it is recommended to use a newer operating system for optimum performance. Windows XP has reached its end of life and may not be supported in the future releases.

10. Whether, all the ship management modules are end to end integrated within a single application environment? Or each module is a standalone software?

All ship management modules are fully integrated within a single application environment.

11. Does the vessel side application need a server machine or any desktop computer can work as server?

SMMS does not require a server machine. Any desktop meeting the minimum system requirements would suffice.

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